“Where does God keep His fallen Hero’s?

“Where does God keep His fallen Hero’s?

It must be a serene place; some place with the likeness we have never known.
I can imagine a grand haven with men and women in uniform
Standing in Respect and at Attention,
In wait, and anticipation,
For His glory to shine on them.

Lined up, row by row, shoulder to shoulder,
Stouthearted, these fallen heroes’s.
Their Life’s dedication foreshadowed by none other, to serve, to keep the peace, and to honor life.

Their life’s work – sacrifice, giving to others, saving lives, preserving the glory for peace loving Nations, enduring hardships, lifting the burdens, and carrying the Torch for all.

Their Sworn oath and duty to preserve the Peace, to Honor the Trust and Sacrifice.
There is great reverence in these lives of the men and women
who chose this pathway, to lay down theirs for others.
What a glorious place this must be filled with our Fallen Hero’s.

His Eternal rewards can only be,
Love, Grace, Peace, Glory, Honor, and Remembrance, for God so loved the Peacekeepers.

God Bless them All.”
Jan Wallace of Newport RI

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