“for all the coalition forces fallen and still fighting in iraq . forget the why’s and the where’s, forgot the politics, these men and women fight for the worlds freedom, terrorist threaten the worlds freedom, freedom of speech freedom to Read more ›

Thank you

“Thank you brave soldier. It is because of you and people like you that this immigrant became an American. God comfort your loved ones. I hope I prove worthy of your sacrifice.” Chike Edmund Nwasike of Westlake village CA


“My father served twenty years in the army. My children sleep peacefully at night, because when they are scared I tell them that your sons and daughters are protecting them. I currently have several friends in the Army National Guards, Read more ›


My heart and prayers are with each and every military person, living or deceased. We have freedom because of those wonderful people! The one’s that are fighting in the war are giving us freedom, and the one’s that are deceased Read more ›